One thought on “Cataclysm: Gnomegate”

  1. Sadly not. I’ve had a peek at the new gnome starting area, and it seems things go down like this:

    * During the world event, the gnomes invade Gnomeregan to reclaim their home

    * Just as they’re about to succeed, Thermaplugg pops up and says “Ahahaha, I have an even bigger radioactive bomb in my pocket. Sucks to be you.”

    * Gnomes run away, Thermaplugg is left in charge of Gnomeregan.

    * Gnomes retake the above-ground portion of Gnomeregan only, and stay there plotting the next offensive.

    So, not only do we not regain our home, we no longer have the district in Ironforge. We now live in a tent next to a radioactive vent. I’m not sure that’s an upgrade.

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