Back into the saddle

After a week spent in a hotel in Birmingham being part of the horde which runs the Discworld convention (more on that in another post) I’m back at work and sorting out the normal things which need doing, such as making sure anyone who wanders past has something vaguely interesting to look at.

Not much beta news at the moment, I had a quick look at the update which came in while we were away, I need to spend some quality time with my paladin to see how he’s working out, and to see if the rumours of the increased incoming pain are accurate.  The launcher is now looking like it’s close to being complete, I suspect that the only work left is under the hood in optimising the data flows to make the “it’s still downloading but playable” work even better, and let’s be honest it’s pretty damm good already.

In other news we wandered into ICC10 with a raid of nine, two of which had average iLevels of ~120, we wiped on each of the first three bosses but downed all of them (ok… we wiped on lolship… go on, laugh).  However much gearing was done on the warrior and a little less on the warlock.  I suspect more will be happening.  Which is good news as it means we should be finding it easier to field a full 10 for raiding once a week rather than the failures we’ve been having.

My mage has been moved back home to Earthen Ring, gearing is happening, melting ankles.

2 thoughts on “Back into the saddle”

  1. It’s easier than people think to wipe on lootship, if your jumping tank hasn’t done that role before. The enemy boss likes to randomly Evade, and if you don’t get right up on him (out of range of your healer, if they didn’t jump with you) and spam him with melee, he’ll continue evading your taunts and ranged attacks even after he’s perfectly happy to aggro on and one-shot your DPS.

    1. It is, we were carrying some massively undergeared players, nine manning it and forgot which set of mobs on the other boat needed nuking first.

      A bit of switching… dead opposing boat, loot, run away like girls from Deathbringer 🙂

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