Wrath, a retrospective… the bits I missed

So, as various commentators have pointed out I missed a few things while writing my last piece on Wrath.

Raiding (or the little ones I forgot)

Obsidian Sanctum

A simple enough raid, kill the mini-bosses, nuke the big boss, control the adds and dodge the (moving) bad.  I like the simplicity of engaging the various hardmodes, which also feeds into making it simple to change direction and go for the easy kill after spending too long working on the hardmode.

Being a single boss raid also helps in that going for the easy mode kill doesn’t cause a lot of extra work for the following week requiring an extension of the lock.

Eye of Eternity

To be honest I think it’s horrible, much like it’s baby brother The Oculus, both were attempts to get the whole “vehicles in raiding” mechanic moving and if I’m feeling generous they were both classic first attempts.  Lots of ideas which the developers wanted to try out but little experience in how they would work in reality.

Both are definitely filler raids, there to give some flavour and a break from the larger progression tunnels full of bosses.  Having more like OS & RS in the expansion would be nice, less of the EoE style encounter please.

One thought on “Wrath, a retrospective… the bits I missed”

  1. You know, I don’t think I have ever been in a successful EoE. Because the sodding vehicle change always _always_ fucks up my UI so that I have to force a reload and by the time I can do anything, everyone is dead already. And I know that, at least in AB, I’m not the only one with that problem. So I am in a position that I seriously hate an encounter that I’VE NEVER EVEN SEEN!

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