So some thoughts in detail on TotGC25,

1) Ouch
2) Owwww.. I have a big owwieeee

and more seriously

It’s brutal, ok EO isn’t a top flight global force but we’re not slackers either. U25 on normal is pretty much a roll through at the moment (Ignis is messy and Yoggie is still a challenge to get right but we die there because we’re not being clean / organised enough), but by the Elder gods we’ve not killed TotGC is a kick in the knotwood.

  1. The timers on this fight are going to be challenge (yay!).
    We’ve only seen the first two mini-bosses of the first fight, the second set spawns either when the first one goes down or at 2m30 from the start of the fighting.
  2. The mana usage is brutal (Druids, you have a maximum of two innervates per fight)
  3. The healing is tight, stomp is a big aoe thing, there’s fire bombs flying around (don’t stand in these for more than one tick or you’ll be a spectator) and Impale is something else.
  4. The impale and the tick damage it does kills a tank in 0.4s… human reaction time is .35s + network latency… dear gods.