UK Heroic… the four man adventures continue

So after the weekly “locks have expired let’s kill the 10-man of choice” raid and VoA runs on the tree it decided that running the newly minted priest through a heroic would be cool.

There was some mis-communication.

So we’re piling into UK heroic, with only four of us, one of the four is a newly minted in crafted gear, with minimal experience of healing on a priest, the other three are in a mix of pre-raid and a smattering of Naxx10/25 gear.

Apart from the comedy wipe in the dragon pens it felt “easy”. The damage taken wasn’t excessive, the prince went down without any problems (stack on the tank ftw), Pinky and the Brain didn’t give any hassle and Ingvar felt positively easy.

There was less of the “insane tank charging in” and “we’re team tin can there’s no reason to run” mentality about the run but even so, I was expecting Ingvar to give us some grief.

So… four-man nexus

2 thoughts on “UK Heroic… the four man adventures continue”

  1. Um, she wasn’t in crafted gear. Quest greens and maybe the odd quest blue. Mal hasn’t got enough mats left to get the crafted stuff made for her just yet (having just kitted out Lakayla with similar stuff).

    1. Hurrah! So it’s even more impressive, thouch on balance it’s probably more to do with group balance issues we worked through on the original tincan efforts.

      With those 2xhealers 1xtank 2xdps, all in dodgy gear, bad mitigation, lack of experience and low DPS.

      Last night’s run
      1xhealer (low gear) ; 1x tank ; 2x dps with the latter three in at least pre-raid if not some raid kit were able to shrug off a lot of the damage through improved armour, talents and experience (and actually using crowd control). Oh it probably helps that we’re paying more attention to enchants, gemming and other funky stuff.

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