Ponderings and updates

Wednesday ad-hoc raiding went well, one shotting everything in 10-man TotC, no heroic mode stuff attempted. Which given the activities of the previous 30 minutes (moving dead ducks) was probably a good thing. VoA10 & VoA25 fell to the imba leetness of the group and all that stuff. Though at the end of the flame watcher there were a rather large number of corpses lying around.

Unferth has a stack of the new emblems ready to roll, I think I’m going to hold off to see if I pick any more up from the weekend before deciding on pretties to buy.

The DPS gear is holding up pretty well, I need to talk to the dps chicken lead just to check what direction I should be gemming, however from the feel of things I need to move from SPR into Crit, SP and haste.