AN Heroic

Ok, a decent repair bill but that’s what happens after multiple wipes on the end boss.

Just for the record, may his undead arse forever rot in hell.

Lessons learnt.

  1. DPS, plenty of it
  2. Ranged, forget “bring the player not the class”, it’s wrong. The correct restatement of that desire is “bring the role not the class”, this end boss requires ranged. Otherwise the player assigned to “keep the healer up” is pelting around all over the place if they’re not careful.
  3. DPS behind the boss
  4. Tank (this means me) a better eye on the cast bar and leg it when he starts casting, straight through, mouse camera turn as you’re going through, spin and attack once pound lands.
  5. Buggy graphics. When he pops back up there is a regularly a problem if the tank is too close to the center, he’ll appear to be pointing away from the tank while casing pound. The cake, as they say, is a lie. He is actually pointing at the tank.

    Solution, when the adds are down, tank moves back to the edge, boss is less confused, all are happy.

  6. Venom whatsits, stun, dps until throughly cooked.
  7. Keep adds off healer
  8. Venom thingies, did I mention that they should be killed?

All in a good, educational if expensive run. Thanks as ever to all.

Now let the critique of the tank begin 🙂

5 thoughts on “AN Heroic”

  1. Ranged DPS from a hunter is best, because autoshot makes transferring damage between targets quicker. Not sure how ranged DPS on cloth works, because those venomcasters hit *hard*. And in fairness to our lovely pally healer, cleansing individually is not optimal for healing output – resto shammies might be at an advantage.

    Having said that – well, we’ve never really let the limitations of class defeat us before (well, except on gundrak) – you think we should start now?

    I woke up this morning wanting to thrash him again, now I have a better idea of what to look for.

    It’s a learning experience after all – even if dearly bought. How long did it take us to learn UK?

    Finally, are there any nature protection potions we can down before this encounter, specifically? I don’t think there are helpful buf fuds. I can look into getting special rings etc if you like

  2. We do need to make sure the DPS is cranked up for AN, having more in plate might help with badly handled ‘Pound’ attacks and if we have plate melee on the healer with AoE then the adds can be mopped up without too much running around (this is where a DK is a win, D&D + DG)

  3. Problem with nature protection potions:
    1) they are a potion and I think use up your “1 pot per combat round” allocation, so you lose your emergency mana/health pot
    2) they are a limited time – only a minute or two from when you take it, I think – so you have to be spot on with timing.

    1. potions: in that case, if they are of limited duration, may I suggest that either or both of the healer and tank have one – hotkeyed – because losing either of those means a wipe – short of a miracle/ultralow HP on boss and tank having cool LOH

  4. DK

    on healing and AOE

    in a fight where the healer is under pressure to cleanse and heal (and that end boss seems to be this sort of example) DKs can reduce healing pressure by altering the rotation to include the “heal back” attack. It does reduce individual DPS, but if the end result is a boss down without deaths, then individual DPS scores are less important

    Next time I have a bash at that beetle monster (if we do it soon enough before my addled brain forgets) I’m going to make an effort to identify the poisonbeetles who have poison spit sooner, rather than hanging around the healer trying to work out whats the greatest threat. ISTR they gravitate towards the tank, then turn round and spit on the healer, but it happened quite quickly

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