Finally… Crusader

It’s been a plan for a while, there are few titles which are more appropriate for a Paladin than “Crusader Korenwolf”, however there is just something about the tournament which makes me hate it with a passion.  Ponies probably are a major factor, if there’s one vehicle mechanic I want to die a death with Wrath it’s the ponies, they’re horrible and doubly so when there’s lag to contend with (allowing the AI to ‘cheat’).

There was some serious promise in the tournament, we had the model of the Isle of Free Money at the back end of TBC which was very popular and there was a driving reason to work the dailies, to make progress as a faction and a realm to reclaim the island and open up the staged content (staging which worked nicely).  However the tournament only hinted at similar mechanics with quests which related to building the structures and the like, however in the end we were not working to open up the content but just marking time until Blizz decided to give us the next raid.

All feeling very much like filler content.

So, back to the fundamentals, I have my title.  Apart from being pugged into the circular room of ponies I never have to ride one of those buggers again, nine more seals and my Argent slave can have his own pony and I can turn my back on my most hated quest hub in the game.