Cataclysm Beta: Dalaran portals, be prepared

A side effect I hadn’t twigged until it was mentioned on the beta forums, but is blindingly obvious when I think about it.  For those players who have had a friendly mage portal them to Dalaran, make sure you move your alts back to old Azeroth prior to the 7th of December or expect to have some “interesting times” moving them through Northrend as a level (something very low).

I don’t expect Blizzard to “fix” this for us, for those who have moved a level 20 to Dalaran we know it’s a high level zone which we could not get to by ourselves, therefore it is up to us to make sure we can get back out again if the world changes.

Let’s face it the world does change so doing things which are outside the capabilities of your alt are always a risk.

This will not affect me as I am already planning on moving all my alts to Stormwind or Ironforge prior to the patch dropping, the ones with flying are likely to be parked right by the trainer in Stormwind with a few hundred gold in their back pockets.

One thought on “Cataclysm Beta: Dalaran portals, be prepared”

  1. Pretty sure the Caverns of Time portal is staying, so you can get back to Tanaris and fly from there.

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