Cataclysm: Portals redux

So following on from the comments on my last post regarding portals I’ve been pondering what ‘quick’ routes will exist come the end of the world, this is admittedly an Alliance focused view of the world but much of it will apply to the Horde as well.

  • Dark Portal
    From the three major cities, most likely to be used for quick transport to outland (naturally) and from Darnassus to Stormwind.
  • Argent Tabard
    From anywhere to the tournament grounds
  • Kirin Tor Ring
    From anywhere to Dalaran
  • New tabard (guild item)
    From anywhere to Stormwind
  • Engineer teleport item
    Various points around Northrend (use with care and a paracute)
  • Caverns of Time portal in Dalaran
    Dalaran -> Tanaris

So while there isn’t a single central travel hub as we have at the moment, there are still some options for bouncing around the world in double quick time.