4.0.1 Paladin tanking

Ok, so how are things shaping up now that the hotfix cycle on top of 4.0.1 is almost complete (cog of doom patch arrived yesterday).

Well it’s different, my run up style has changed, post wipe my routine was

  • Zone in, start running
  • RF up
  • Seal up
  • Divine plea up
  • Reach boss, eat, drink, make merry
  • Start run at boss
  • Sacred Shield
  • Fairy wings
  • Holy shield
  • Capt America Shield
  • Now we’re cooking

To (mis-)quote our friends in ICC, “I think they broke it”.

I miss my run in routine, in addition to the tank disappearing into the distance everyone else could tell I was serious by seeing wings go up and know that just after that landed they could open up with the glass cannons.

So, where are we now.

Still in a reasonable place, ok it’s harder.  This is a mix of not having two years of muscle memory at our disposal and the current balance issues between threat generation on the tanks and the sheer amount of hate the ranged (yes, we’re looking at you again warlocks and mages).  However it still works, I need to move my buttons around to break my muscle memory I know I’m using abilities which worked nicely a few weeks ago but are now gimping my threat (SoR).  For boss fights I need to get the 939 approach nailed down and cleaner.

Holy shield, this is a plus and a minus, I need holy power to get this up, I need to spend holy power to keep it up (HoR or WoG), so the opening move needs to be something like shield, CS, HotR.  However while giving a burst of early threat it’s not as much threat as a three-stack HotR would give.

DPS… learn to hold back

{time passes, I notice this in the drafts pile …}

I forgot to schedule this one, however it’s been a couple of weeks since I drafted the above and I’ve had more time to get used to the changes.  In short they’re good news.  Even with the changes to threat, the general nerfing of AoE, threat decay and the like the fight mechanics (raid mostly) still work.  There are periods in most of the fights where HolyRoguePower (HRP) is being blown on threat generation, however there are others (Halion in twlight, LK in the second and third platform phases and so on) where the DPS are having to do something else (move, nuke adds etc etc) so their overall threat output is lower allowing me to weave in a mix of Shield of the Righteous and Word of Glory to take some of the strain off the healers (being taken for a date by an over affectionate Valkyr, dodging slime and so on).

So, HRP and WoG, go go go Paladin tanks to our new dawn!