The end is nigh

Well it’s starting, the twilight cultists have moved into Stormwind and starting to kick up a fuss.  It’s a nice little quest chain, a decent pile of gold and we’ll all need more of that come Cata with the new flying skills (~4500g combined), levelling our skills up to the new cap and naturally buying new shinies for our mains to get onto the raiding treadmill.

So, we have approximately six weeks of this to go, I’m reckoning four weeks until 4.0.3 drops and the world changes at which point there will no doubt be further chains to set the post shattering scene prior to the launch itself.

In other news we have further proof that all the faction leaders are more epic than our flawed moron of a leader, Varian.  Varian is in Stormwind.  All the others are also in Stormwind, as well as being in their normal prime locations as well.

So, who’s up for hitting Ogrimmar and taking out all the leaders in a single attack?