Team Pirate – The ongoing plan

As the team is aware numbers are currently an issue, this combined with the arrival of the big dragon in a few weeks means I’m going to re-assess our current plan.

I am going to make the last formal “let’s try and get a raid together” for the 28th of November.  This takes off any pressure as we hit levelling time and removes the whole “everyone is off partying / drinking / being social in the real world” until well into the new year when the credit card bills have landed and we’re all looking for something to do which involves very little spending of extra money.

From there the aim is to resume in 2011, I reckon the 30th of Jan is a decent date.  A certain person will have ten level 85’s by then and I’m sure there will be at least a few more in the guild.  The plan at that point will probably be the new dungeons, possibly heroics if we have enough 85’s and working on Ulduar.  Yes I want to see that dead on my Paladin.

If we have enough people online during the hiatus for the normal slot there’s nothing stopping us going to kick something in the shins.

So, Team Pirate, what say ye?!  Does this look like a plan.

9 thoughts on “Team Pirate – The ongoing plan”

  1. I’m hoping that either I have a new machine, or that the latest Wow build no longer causes this machine to hard crash by then

        1. Try hitting the options on the login screen and turning sunshafts, shadows, and water effects as far down as they’ll go. That got me a lot of frames-per-second back, and if it works you’ll at least have something to go up from.

    1. Really it’s up to everyone what they want to do 🙂 I know wolf will be through first, but he’ll be pushing hard to get raid ready for ITP and Cata 10-man content. So I’m likely to be bringing either a tank or dps through next (DK or Warlock I think), depending on who wants to do what in the 5-man and ongoing 10-man mashing.

      If nothing else there is still an old god waiting for us and this dude at the top of the spire in Icecrown.

  2. I’ll most likely be on-line for the Sunday Afternoon timeslot anyway. There’s some nice Lore to be had. Last expansion in the run-up to Wrath, there were things I had to get on with (i.e. gettin Bannog up to spec). I think my super duper T9/T10 gear will probably be obsolete in the first week, so little point in hoovering up the Heroics now.

    I’m on the final chapter of “Steamy and Hot”, and will start final-editing and pushing out at soonish. For those of you who read my stuff, it’s the family history of Griggin Steambender, Gnome Warlock and engineer extraordinaire, and his family. (As introduced in Ch. 7 of Tale the Second). You can probably find the first few chapters on V’s blogs, as a kind of teaser trailer. No Buccaneers except Bieslook appear.

  3. I plan to at least try and have a warlock and a priest at 85 by then. Failing that, there should definitely be a warlock ready to roll. 🙂

    I’ll be around most weekends in the interim anyway, I think. If we have enough to do some damage, regular 81-85 dungeons, what have you, I am in.

    1. You’ll love being either, crowd control is where we’re at. I forsee lots of CC pulls with the tank picking up the nasties once they’re clear of the CC’d mobs. Pulling with some planning and intelligence rather than the AoE fest we’ve been having for the last 9 months or so

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