Dishonourable PvP

Picking up on a subject from MMO melting pot / Deuwowlity

A little background, I’m definitely a PvE player, on a PvE / RP server in the EU.  I do go toe to toe with the horde face mashing but I want it to be broadly on my terms.  Standing in the middle of my attacks on a quest mob trying to get me to flag myself, it’s not cool.  In the same way challenging me to a duel and then spamming me with /w about how I’m “chicken” or a “noob” because “only noobs refuse to duel”.


Here’s the thing, there are times when I want to go up against a real live opponent, and there are times (which is the bulk of my play time) when I want to be questing, or in a dungeon / raid or even bumming around working on some OCD triggered achievement.

While PvPKiddie may get off on 100% face to face combat, I don’t.  Generally these types are either twinked to the max or decked out in resiliance gear, so I know I’m going to get my arse kicked with no real challenge.  What most of these people want is an easy kill so they can crow about how awesome they are.

Guys, this is only fun for you.  That is the problem.

The same applies for coming into a capital city, you want to come in blast through the place, kick Varian in the teeth.  Actually can someone please do that, though if you come to see Magni then I’ll be there mace at the ready to say “hi”.  That’s cool, you’re going for our bosses, however glitching the system to get up out of range of the melee on your mage and camping the AH.


Where the hell is the challenge in that, where’s the honour?