Invasion event QQ

Well it had to start at some point, the bitching about “I’m bored with them already”

I’m of the opinion that Blizz have learnt from the Scourge event, in that there was enforced PvP, cities were made completely unsable for pretty much everyone below the level cap at the time, lots of whining from players about being cleansed (hell I’m on an RP server, I’m a Paladin, you’re SICK with the Undeath Plague!!!, hell yes I’m going to save your sorry arse soul from Arthas).  It screwed anyone who was trying to level in any zone near a city (we were on a timer with RAF during the event which effectively meant dead speed levelling time).

So let’s look at the current event.

  • It’s pretty near as dammit optional, the quest lines are there but there’s no need to do them (good XP on lower level alts though, decent gold for the capped players)
  • The in-city event is every 2-3 hours or so, there are portals for low level players to get out of the city to safety, and it’s time limited on each cycle.
  • Only two cities per-faction are affected

I’m still holding to my expectation that we can expect the shattering and some interim quests hitting next week bringing the chaos of the invasion to an end (or be brought under control at least).

So, stop complaining this event is an order of magnitude less cripping to normal play than the scourge event, it’s been designed remembering that there needs to be a balance between “world changing events, big excitement” and “not everyone is heavily into this sh*t”.

3 thoughts on “Invasion event QQ”

  1. Oh, yes, I remember.

    Plague infected player: /w Stop healing me!
    Me: /w No. (hits cleanse macro) /s By the Light, you shall be cleansed! *spellcast*

    Then I’d get yelled at and complained to by players threatening to report me for “griefing” them by healing them. I pointed out “RP server. Me = Paladin. You do the figuring out what Blizz’s response is likely to be, hmmm?”

    Then we went and parked the pallies in whichever town our lowbie RAF alts were questing near so that we could quickly switch to the tag-team for fighting the plague and make the area safe for questing again 🙂

  2. There is a teeny tiny disadvantage… If you plunder the new cataclysm event dungeons as fast as you can, you get dungeon-lock… AKA “you have entered too many instances”.

    I experienced this outside VoA yesterday and was nervously looking out for a bright red nameplate and twitching to get inside the safety of the portal… Wuss that I am :))

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