Crowd control, there’s more than one way to do it

With Cata we have a fresh focus on crowd control, I love it.  The approach I’m taking is not to mark up the cc targets but give that responsibility to the other members of the team, it makes more sense.  The DPS all have a better idea of what their cc is good for, which mobs it can be used on most effectively and so on.  Once they’re done marking I’ll drop the X and skull onto my primaries and let the dps pull for me.

It works, it’s controlled and spreads the load and responsibilities which in my view helps remove the “dps are only good for nuking things” “tanks are epic and own the group” and all the other nasties which Wrath gave us from the entitlement crowd.

However what if you’re running in a class which hasn’t got an effective “lock down” cc?

Not a problem, cc isn’t just about taking mobs completely out of the fight, it’s also about minimising the damage they can do or helping the tank control position etc etc.

For example burning off some of the mana from a caster can help speed up the point they’ll come charging towards the tank, got a silence effect?  Wonderful that’s another ranged which is coming to have a chat to my plate covered arse.  Death Grip, bring it on, pull that caster over here and drop him in front of me where my AoE can give it a big cuddle.  Curse of tongues, slower casting means less damage or healing.

You get the idea.

All classes have extra abilities, now is the time to dust them off, shove them onto a keybind, go on.  Show us what you’re made of.

2 thoughts on “Crowd control, there’s more than one way to do it”

  1. I for one feel like I’m always asking in party chat “What CC can Druids do again?”. Often it’s not from inexperience, it’s just that over the years Blizzard has changed what CC can be applied where (indoors/outdoors) and to what (Humanoid/Beasts etc).

    Unfortunately the most important place pre-85 that seems to need CC is the nasty packs in Vortex Pinnacle that stand under their handy grounding totem in the form of a lightning triangle. And even though these guys are Humanoids, Shadow Priests can’t Mind Control. The DPS Druids that I’ve played with haven’t been keen to CC either (I guess Cyclone is troublesome?).

    Polymorph and Hex are my first requests.

    As a Shadow Priest I can recommend using Physic Scream heavily (if, and only if, you have it glyphed so your enemies stand in place), as an interrupt and to help reduce incoming damage from enemy casters in dungeons!

  2. I am realy enjoying Mind control – if only it worked on dragons…

    And the more often I run the dungeons (I think that is unlikely to change for the next 18-20 months) the more I get to know what each of them does, and get used to the whole acquire-enemy-focus-enemyNPC+attack or, contrarily acquire-enemy-focus-friendlyPC+heal

    I’ve not used Psychic Scream a lot, although I have it glyphed – not sure of the range, tbh – and I have such an ingrained “do not use that spell ever” mindset that it might need a bit of working on.

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