Tiers in Wrath

Someone commenting on the wow.com thread about the new LFG system nailed down how gearing and tiers are working in Wrath.

“Gear progression is now a three-“tier” system. Tier 1 is one raid behind, like Conquest emblems now. Anyone can get Tier 1 for running heroics.

Tier 2 is current raid, normal mode. You have to run Trial of the Champion right now for Tier 2.

Tier 3 is current raid, hard mode.

Every time new content comes out, these three meta-tiers move up a rung. It’s as though SSC/TK gear had become available from heroics in BC. (Which, in a way, it did, with the Sunwell-patch weapons.) If you put in enough time, you can never be more than two “tiers” behind hardmode items from the current raid”

That’s it, it’s simple. As ever the older content becomes trivial but let’s be honest this has always been the case. Who here hasn’t solo’d the Deadmines at 80 on a clothie? Yes there is QQ from some raiders about how everyone can get Naxx / Ulduar level gear with minimal effort. This is true but does this mean they’ve been into U25? Have they beaten the encounters at the gear level the hard core raiders did? Did they learn the encounters or just watch video and faceroll through with an overgeared team?

There is more to raiding than gear, and as a wise toon once said “you gear to kill the boss, you don’t kill the boss to get gear”.

3 thoughts on “Tiers in Wrath”

  1. “there is QQ from some raiders”

    Fortunately, nobody except those raiders really care about the QQ.

    Those raiders also…

    ““you gear to kill the boss, you don’t kill the boss to get gear”.”

    …are the ones who kill the boss to get gear. Bugger ’em. 🙂

  2. I guess you do get gear to kill the boss, but if she/he/it happens to be sitting on somethin.g even nicer, that’s even more of an incentive. People need carrots. Sticks don’t work as incentives.

    The whole “welfare epic” thing is unhelpful and elitist.

    What gets bosses down is raid makeup, timing, coordination and gear. Gear is only one part of the equation – a minimum entry level for the encounter. If a player can have sufficient gear to pass that threshold, then if they lack experience, they’d better learn quick, to match the skills of those who got their gear the harder way. To deny a player that opportunity is elitist. And I mean that in the most pejorative sense.

    1. Yup, can’t disagree at all, I dislike the whole “welfare epics” thing which some raiders have.

      As my dear_gnome earlier today proved having good gear doesn’t stop someone from being a moron who can wipe a party twice on the first trash in a heroic. Being under the gear check for an instance does mean a certain amount of feeling useless and eating floor, until the minimum gear check is made.

      Knowing where to stand, and more importantly where not to stand “don’t stand in front of the worm!!!”, “get out of the damm fire!” etc etc is what means you’re around for the next 60 seconds pumping out damage / heals / threat until the next pool of death.

      We know that at least some of the raiding community is seriously grumpy that they are no longer the uber-l33t crowd who get to see these instances and no one else. I’m entirely comfortable with things as they are, I’m lucky in getting to see the inside of a raid but most of my toons are geared in any old random stuff.

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