On gold

After a month and a bit of Cataclysm I have two level 85’s, a couple at 81’ish and some maxed out professions (Engineering, Mining, Herbalism) with others well on their way (tailoring, enchanting, alchemy, inscription).

The cash position is promising being 5k up on where I started which can only be a good thing, though at some point there’s a bill looming for the Vial of the Sands.  We’re hoping that SWMBO will be farming that up soonish at which point we’ll be pushing for two of them rather sharpish.  Part of the boost has come from a rather nice BoE purple which dropped on a run which I won on a green roll, the rest has been from selling materials, some craftables and levelling alts.

Raiding: It’s kicking off, though signups are still a worry, more people signing, I need my boss kill fix.

Team Pirate: More people online, more often 🙂