Icecrown… new instances..

So the plan for tonight (and other non-raiding nights) is to beat the hell out of Icecrown. So Bucanneers, gird your loins, pay your repair bills, sell something to pay for the incoming repair bills (for they will hurt). We need to beat the hell out of the new instances (and by the gods they hurt).

Edit: … gem.. enchant… gem… enchant…

4 thoughts on “Icecrown… new instances..”

    1. So we’re looking at

      Ariciel / Bannog ?
      Cress / Kenau – out for the evening?
      Team DK?
      pewpew hunter?

      Anyone wanting to transfer over to ER? 😉

    1. So.. less competition for loot? 🙂

      Though I’m not convinced that we’ll be able to four man the new stuff with our normal team.

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