Ok it’s nice. The raid has a proper feel to it, we have trash. We have trash which caused the dps to complain “yeah just AoE them down, I hope this isn’t going to be the norm” followed by a single mob which caused some serious pain and deaths. Nice one blizz, keep throwing those unexpected curve balls at us.

The five-man content is pretty, and given that the healing on Unferth wasn’t a cakewalk I’m expecting it to be a proper challenge with Tincan. The attunement side of things is nice, we have to work through the three wings. The last one hurt like hell, though it didn’t help that we were four-manning at that point and just couldn’t nuke down the adds fast enough on the gauntlet section.

I like the content, the bosses are throwing some curveballs, the end boss in the Pit is going to be a swine to heal at a more normal level of kit, there’s some interesting stuff there. I think we’re going to be spending some time fighting our way though it for kit and the iLevel of the kit on normal version is 219.

Loot! Epix! Achievments!