Chaos Orbs

Finally we will be able to trade them as of patch 4.3, some good news.

Naturally a certain class of player has started to complain that anyone will be able to get hold of them and this will affect their profits.  Seriously guys get over the fact that you’ve had a monopoly on supply for approximately one year and been able to charge what you like.  With an artificial depression in supply thanks to those who have a pile in their bank they can’t use effectively.  Personally across the alts I’m sat on 40 of the damn things.

So yes, the price of orbs is going to tank relative to the /trade price.  This is nothing unexpected, you’ve made your gold from the closed market suck it up and deal with having to find a different source of income.  It’s not as if making gold in wow is hard these days.

I only have one request to Blizz, make them greed or need only, allowing need and greed will take us back two years to the hell of last bosses in wrath.