Preparing for travel…

As part of the “let’s have some DKs” on an alternate realm to get to the cap where we know some other people (H & C) so the question becomes, are they going to fight their way up and be self sufficient or do they get a sugar daddy? So, the decision has been made, Korengelf is packing his bags (Mal can handle the tailoring and enchanting side of the family business). So BoA gear which isn’t in use is being moved into his packs, he’ll be sent over with a pile of gold, mats, glyphs and all of that fun stuff.

Also “She who owns auction houses” will no doubt work out what is cheap on ER and expensive on AM so we can gain some extra gold that way as well.

All of which also opens up the spare slot ready for Cata for the Worgen.

So… Worgen mage appears to be on the cards.

One thought on “Preparing for travel…”

  1. Minikayla shall also be packing her bags. I think I have a full set of BoA shoulders cloth -> plate plus the cloth and plate chests… hmmm… the cloth chest is still in use (Kinalla hasn’t finished with it yet. Will have to ponder options.

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