Enter Tony Stark!

Blizz have thrown down the gauntlet.  The Iron Man Challenge.


So, I think I shall be nuking the little hordie I’ve been mucking about with on my home realm tonight or tomorrow and creating my little IronMan (or more likely a female ChromeGnome).  The question of course is “which class”, a mix of the ability to survive the inevitable mis-pulls / problems / fel-reavers with enough native “nuke” to make the combat go as effectively as possible.

I’m thinking that the prime candidates are

  • Druid (shapeshifting, what’s not to like)
  • Warlock (health through soul sucking, blueberry…)
  • Hunter (pets…)
  • Paladin (just because nothing says Iron Man more than the plate light dealing gods)

More on Project ChromeGnome as it happens.