Plate tales, respec time

Wolf has been mucking about with a ret spec recently but it’s not where his heart is, if he’s whacking something in his mind he should be front and center, have the full attention of eveything in sight (particularly his favourite healer) and be kicking the boss in the wossanames while the dps cut it down to size.  This running around trying to keep within range of the mobs as they run around just isn’t his thing.

So… tanking remains the first love and healing comes back into the picture as the backup spec.  Based on the gear sites he’s actually naxx ready, not that I believe this for a second as I know what’s wrong with the kit (enchant and gemming for starters).

However the is another ulterior motive, guaranteed LFG runs.

Time to be selected when joining as tank or healer… seconds

Time to be selected when joining as dps… 5-10 minutes

Stress level balance Tank > Heal > DPS

So for grinding instances healing is the high throughput minimum effective stress option.

Go go emblem farmer!