So… Icecrown…

Second week of mashing has started, last night’s raid saw us get the first two bosses down with the minimum of fuss, though a few wipes.  Mostly due to some of the dps who missed last week working out the target switching needed for Deathwhisper.

The ship went down as a one shot, this is going to be the “geif lootz” fight of the instance, it’s fun, it’s easy, and it breaks the stress ready for the Deathbringer.

He’s harder, we tried out some new strats on him none of which quite fitted, though there’s progress happening and we know it’s all about minimising the number of marks.  One possibility which will be tried out on Friday will be to let the first two Marks die thus controlling what we hit the 30% level with.  Healing the marks is rather brutal.

So roll on the weekend for our first kill of old orc face.