Naxx 10

Tanque pulled together a pugged naxx10 run, it was made clear as things warmed up that, “No, not everyone has been in here”. As we progressed through it became clear that at least two of the team either ignored that message or have the mindset “but everyone has run naxx”. Oh well.

Multiple wipes as I learnt the boss fights, this was not to be unexpected.

There was a particularly “interesting” moment when the (fortunately) weaker of the healers managed to drop into auto-run just outside the room containing Grand Widow Faerlina. Before we had start to pull any of the trash. Naturally this event resulted in us pulling the entire room except the boss. We survived, two healers, tank (me) and a warlock I think. It was frantic.

In the plague quarter things start to go pear shaped. Apparently “target skull” means “target something randomly” which is a problem with the gargoyles. A ready check + “Pulling” as a raid warning isn’t apparently enough information to get people rolling into Noth’s room (two left outside including the OT).

The safety dance is a swine, by which point I was tired and unfortunately Tanque got some of that. Anyway that’s where it fell apart, I mostly got the function of the dance right (that’s simple enough) however I stressed the healers by running him too close to the platform (there’s a spell affecting debuff).

We will be back, we won’t be back with a couple of the team under any conditions because they’ve got a massively high opinion of themselves while being bottom of their respective stats.

2 thoughts on “Naxx 10”

  1. would like to try again – think we (teamtincan) are relatively quick learners [OK, I try to step out of the goo but sometimes it sticks] so we should be OK.

    Thing is – anyone who can even pretend that their gear is good enough is off to Ulduar – like outland is deserted for NR, so Naxx is for Ulduar. Don’t really know if/when the glamour will wear off.

    If this is right, then we will only pug in people who want a bit of fun because thay are locked out of ulduar, or who are on their alts and therefore may not be totally aware of their class’s best rotations (I’m just getting used to the new damage effects on my 2nd main, after all).

    I guess it’s never going to be easy to sort out. But Bannog will become available at some point, so that’s one less to pug in.

    Please keep posting the links to wowwebstats, because I’m trying to tweak kit and rotations to get the best effect.

  2. Yup some of the fights are simple enough, Noth would have been fine even with two down with either more dps or more healing, unfortunately we lost both heal and OT to the wall of slime.

    The Grand Widow was fine once I cracked where I had to tank her and DBM gave me the timer to know when to start moving her to make sure she was in range of the adds.

    The safety dance will take a few attempts to get right I think. There’s a nasty debuff which screws with the casters.

    So.. once you and Bannog are properly back online I reckon we put together a pug starting earlier so we’ve time to work through a goodly chunk.

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