F_ck you Facebook

Apparently posting a thread unroll from a scientist who has performed a reasonable breakdown of the data around Covid in the UK. With explaination of the conclusions, data sources, and so on is apparently worth time in Facebook link posting jail.

This link to be precise – https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1410989321394458629.html

This included links to pictures of fluffy bunnies. What is apparently acceptable is a link (no supporting text, that’s bad) to a product on amazon.

What we have learnt today is

  1. Post links so a big corp can make money, good
  2. Post links about fluffy bunnies, bad
  3. Post links which are backed up by evidence rather than woo and bullshit, also bad
  4. FB is a pile of shit
  5. My wordpress is still up and running despite being ignored for two years, expect to see more posted here.