ICC10/25 – Putricide

This is flubber, take a good look, know your enemy

Very similar in many ways to Malleable goo as thrown by our current best friend, Mr P. Cide of Icecrown Citadel.  Flubber is green, bouncy and annoying (particularly in the presence of music and Robin Williams), Malleable Goo has the same properties, this is why our Mr Cide is throwing it at us.  Did you think he likes the damm green bouncy rubbish?

Flubber and Malleable goo both cause special effects to happen, one results in an actor bouncing off the walls the other results in a raid inspecting the floor tiles.

Both are undesirable.

So remember, if Putricide or Robin Williams offer you something green and bouncy, run away, very very fast.