2 thoughts on “Nexus run (Dragon Slaying edition)”

  1. still not overly happy with those results. Not sure how much is gear and how much is rotations – shiraume was pumping a lot more DPS – but according to the Armory is geared in mostly purples from naxx and obsidium sanctum.

    I have dual spec on kenau, so perhaps I should try out blood as the secondary spec, to see if it’s actually better for DPS – and abandon the unholy spec in favour of frost.

  2. It’s usually a bit of both, rotations do make a difference if only in getting the “maximum wallop with minimum non-GC cooldown wait”.

    Paladin tanking is 96969 rotation (9 second cool down… 6 second cooldown… )

    Blood is good, T has a blood / unholy mix which he’s swearing by at the moment.

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