Introducing the DeathGnome

Namtar, now despite what some people thought on seeing her name it is not “ratman” spelt backwards, Namtar is named after the god of death from Mesopotamian mythology.  So let’s get that sorted out right now.

Namtar == deathgnome, bringer of death and decay

Namtar == Stupid reversal of a name

So, now that’s cleared up what is she?  The where I go to smash things around without the pressure of being a tank, I get to wallop and let someone else take on rounding them up and giving me a kill order.  What came as a shock last night wasn’t the dps she’s pumping out (peaked at over 3k in Heroic DTK) but the gear she’s wearing, the chest drop from Novos was an upgrade….  So, time to get her running more heroics for badges, she can pump out so much more I’m sure when some of the lower bits are swapped out and I actually get round to gemming and enchanting her gear

Priority order:

  • Gem (she’s a JC, so this is trivial)
  • Enchant (talk to swmbo)
  • Replacement kit (get running heroics rather than tanking with the ICC25 paladin in 5-man content)

2 thoughts on “Introducing the DeathGnome”

  1. Well, AB currently have two other tanks who are wanting to run the 5-mans. I’m happy to heal on my pally or my druid (and dps on the druid, as well). I am sure that more randoms for the deathgnome can be arranged.

    You know, it’s a good thing that DKs don’t have a healing spec. We’ve almost done the full paladin 5-man, we got close to the full druid 5-man last night, I’m not sure I could cope with a full DK 5-man 🙂

  2. hey – blood DKs heal themselves, right? Doesn’t everyone have a DK somewhere?

    I really should work on *levelling* my drood. Right after I finished loremaster on Cresside.

    And if Malfeasant is interested in badger runs, I certainly would like to offer bieslook up.

    When it comes to offering up a healer, you know I have this paladin…

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