Tanking for fun and profit

Korenwolf finally got his first ICC25 outing last night, unfortunately this means he’s left the AB guild for the raiding one, though Unferth will make the trip back to AB soon.  Generally a good run, we one shotted everything through to Putri, the tanking legs dropped (got better already) and the shoulders from the boat (upgrades ftw, 1 DKP).

Things which need fixing, exorcism on the ret bar needs moving from it’s current keybinding which it shares with taunt on the tank side.  This can cause problems when I’m dpsing in prot.  Similarly Hammer of Wrath needs moving away from the taunt.  Simply put taunt needs to be somewhere I can easily use it without there being a chance of whacking it by accident when hitting something else.

  • Ret gear needs bringing up by enchanting and gemming.
  • Need to work out why I wasn’t getting alerts on P3 of Putri for the stacks or a better method of monitoring for stacks on the other tanks.
  • PowerAuras – needs setting up again so I have a clear visual clue on the key defensive spells
  • Enchant the new gloves (stam or armour, that’s the question)

6 thoughts on “Tanking for fun and profit”

  1. As far as I remember, there is a version of DBM which has the tank stacks for P3. Kevralyn noticed it working in 10, but not in 25 – mentioned something about digging into the lua…. Perhaps you could send him a pm about which version of DBM he is running, to get the version he has?

    It doesn’t show up on Grid (or if it does, I have not worked out what it is called, and perhaps I could add it manually).

  2. This is not a specific reply to this post – but your blog seems to be a central location (or is it?) for AB thoughts.

    1) would it be worthwhile having a pirates-only blog/website? Cress is no longer a pirate, and guild-only invites do not reach her. Wolf ditto…

    2) I wanted to add a sort-of sign up thingy. Like “sign up for completing heroics achievements” on a particular day. This is because my WoW time is now restricted to late at night-early morning, raiding, or non-raiding standby, or Sunday afternoons/Tuesday evenings. Also because achievement hunting often involves wipes, and more coordination.

    3) re 2 above, when would you both be free? Want to complete Northrend heroics achievements…

    4) re 2 above, do you think we could manage a session plundering BC dungeons. I am afraid that I cannot solo them on Cress. Some things hit quite hard.

    5) re 2 above, think we will be going to AQ40 on Sunday or something else after the weekly raid quest?

    6) re 2 above, would also like to complete Naxx – achievements give no drake any more, but not so bad to have…

    7) reading the above, it looks like I am asking *you* to do something about what I want to do. This is not the case. Well, not specifically. I would need a tank and heals for the things I would like to achieve, but the thing I think I really need is a central organisational point. But is that too… structured? If I attempted (don’t laugh) to set something up for Team Pirate (by way of a website) would it actually work? Or would it gather dust, and not be used?

  3. I’m not entirely sure of any benefits to having an AB site. I’d leave it to the GL to decide whether it is necessary. I like the casual and social nature of AB, it suits me completely. I’d rather not feel pushed into having to do certain things on certain days beyond the one weekly raid date. Ad hoc stuff means that I feel less like I am letting people down if I am just not up to it on a given day.

    I _do_ want to get the heroic achievements of Kaylad, yes. But I’d say that we have a limit of three wipes on any given achievement before packing up and finishing without it and trying again another time so that we don’t get frustrated and angry and want to kill people. I’d also like to get all of the BC dungeons/heroics done and at least have a run around the raids and see what we missed.

    I’m just rather averse to having a “we _must_ do X on [DATE]” schedule in place.

    Have to dash off now, may add more when I get back.

  4. I think I know what you mean: I’m glad we have got as far as a weekly raid appointment – even if it means that I have to do without stuff I would otherwise have done on a Sunday afternoon (my church attendance has dropped significantly since I started Sunday raiding with Cress in EO, and now has been ditched entirely in favour of AB 10 mans).

    I guess what I mean is that if I know I am supposed to be doing something, I can make sure I have put the boy in bed, and that we are online, fed, and so on.

    I’m just aware that different people have different times when they are available, and I’d like to work out when, so I can prioritise: because I can never remember other people’s dates – it’s hard enough to remember my own.

    So for example, an expression of interest in Tuesday nights being “sightseeing round Old instances/raids” night or “Northrend heroic achievements” opportunity or “filler badger runs”. Different people might be interested in different things, like completing quests, or rep runs for BC normal dungeons, or even PvP or seasonal achievement stuff.

    But if people are not keen/can’t/are tired that day/are ill that day they don’t have to – they could say – thanks, I said I was up for it, but I can’t, now. There’s plenty of solo stuff I could do. Maybe there are only 4 people who want to complete the NR heroic achievements – maybe there are 7 – I don’t know. Maybe there are 6 people who want to do Outland heroics, or maybe there are only 3 who have sufficient rep to do heroic dungeons.

    Well, it was an idea.

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