Pirates vs Marrowgar (round one)

As mentioned before, we came, we saw, he killed us but not before we had him down to 57%.  For a nine-man team of non-hardcore raiders I think that was pretty bloody good.

Of those in the group, three have raided him and got kills in 10 & 25, six have never seen him in the flesh and of those one had seen him via tankspot.  So given that most of the group were working on descriptions of the fight I think this was pretty excellent.

So, things to focus on, things to remember, what’s missing

  • Tanks, some more mitigation on our bear (I think we’re going shopping)
  • Tanks, make sure we’re calling which way we’re moving during the spank phase
  • Melee, a little more time to get him positioned, and potentially moved, particuarly when he’s against a wall, that was a pain to handle.
  • Melee, dodge those coldflames
  • Ranged, we need the pewpew mage, between Oxana and Keone the spikes are dead in no time, which means the melee don’t need to spend time running which means more boss time.
  • Spikes, kill them, kill them quickly
  • Heals, not much I don’t think, lots of healing, and make sure there is cover when one healer is spiked.
  • Heals, do we need additional healing to smooth things out?

Marrowgar is an execution fight, more about making sure we deal with the problems he throws at us and staying alive than raw damage on the boss (there are plenty of pure DPS checks inside ICC but we’re not anywhere close to those at the moment).  The motto in this fight is “stay alive”.

Enrage timer

In 10-man normal he has a 10 minute enrage timer, the rough numbers from Sunday indicate we’re popping 24k raid dps (just short of 5 minutes to nuke him down), so with an additional ranged and experience we’re going to be completely safe on the timer.


So everyone can line up their shopping list…


Primordial Saronite

I was wrong when I stated there was no Saronite on Marrowgar, he drops one.  The current plan (had a discussion with our glorious leader), the plan  is to flog the saronite for the best price we can get and use the proceeds to give a payout to the team to cover raiding costs.  Now if that’s not an incentive to get him down I dammed if I know what is.

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  1. Yeah, we did run in different directions now and again. Also, I definitely need to do something about my tab-targeting macros. Currently, it’s /targetenemy and /startattack. That macro hails from the times when Bannog used to stand there with his mouth hanging open. It finds something and hits it. I need it to be refined to “Select the thing in front of me and hit it”, though I’m not sure such a thing exists. My alternative of /assist Focus only works if I am supposed to be hitting the same thing as the main tank. Going to mouse fighting at this stage is not acceptable. I have movement (plus strafing) keybound to my number pad and about six functions besides. Most of the time I don’t even know where my mouse pointer is and would be hard pressed to find it among all the fireworks.

    1. Yup, I think we need to decide on a movement rotation, so when standing in flame I’ll move left first and then right and then left again (we can’t keep moving left or we kill the melee dps). Something to smooth out.

      On Marrowgar you can stick purely to a /assist on the Main tank, we only deal with the big dude, as a general rule on this fight we need to keep the damage focused on one of us, at the moment that’s me simply because I’ve got more mitigation. If we can tweak your gear to bring up the health pool / mitigation then we’ll take some load off the healers, which can only be a good thing.

      The trash pulls went pretty damm well through the run to him, I think we’ve got the first sets nailed (you get the mage, I’ll aoe tank the packs of undeads, holy wrath ftw).

  2. I hate trying to use a mouse to select a target.

    What I’m wondering is whether an addon to hit a target with a specific mark on it would be useful. Something which would float a button bar like Fast Mark does, with the same marks on, but which, when you clicked on the relevant mark, would target and attack the mob with that mark.

    (It would have a red background rather than a black one, to avoid confusion with Fast Mark.)

    It might be extra cute if it spotted when your current died, and then started flashing the next icon in the sequence.

    Now, what name for it? Ah, I can’t think … Fast Attack?

  3. I thought we did really well. Because that fight is meant for 10 players – and we are heavy on the melee – so we are not ideal for a 10 man composition.

    Looking at Ari’s gear, the shoes and neck could be upgraded, and I think the weapon could be upgraded to the ony10 one. That would help with healing. The belt/cloak could be upgraded too, iirc.

    As for healing – I think we have enough – I just think this is the start of real raiding – where actually, it is necessary for all players to know what to do, where to stand, how to do their best. This is something I am still learning – what I mean is, that our gear no longer outgears the instance – that raid bosses are more complex than heroic bosses, and that missing an interrupt, or failing to kill a spike, or taking aggro from a tank is not something that can easily be corrected – it’s back to being difficult – rather like it was when Teamtincan started – it is working out how to get through this.

    I think it is possible to sort out a few gear issues – if we want to run some intelligent raid runs to get a few better pieces to bridge the gap between any heroic gear and ICC gear. *that* sounds very much like a loot council approach to selecting heroics/raids though. Might work.

    Could that be a plan? Everyone suggest what reasonably achievable upgrades they would like (including craftables) and we can work on the instances where those drop – moving our kit up a notch or two?

    1. Oh yes, down to nearly 50% on the first attempt, when 2/3 of the group had never seen him or had anything other than the 60 second briefing. Bloody excellent attempts IMHO.

      There’s definitely some things we can do to smooth out some weaknesses, making Ari that bit more survivable helps on the initial pull and when healers are gimped by spikes / flame. I think the use of pots will help (chug just before the pull and during the fight, that way you get two cooldowns to play with instead of just the one), barkskin, making sure we’re stood on top of each other (practice thing).

      We’re a small enough group who pretty much all have had a beer together that we can be flexible on gear to make sure the team as a whole can get this bugger mashed down. We’re also spread pretty well across the gear.

      Tank plate – MT is mostly geared, unlikely to need anything from Marrogar and below
      Tank dps – 2xDK & retadin (who’s well geared)
      Heal plate – SWMBO
      Mail – The shammie or hunter
      Tank leather – OT
      DPS leather – crit kitty (or OT if not needed)
      Resto leather – crit kitty
      Heal cloth – Our resident priest
      DPS cloth – The face melter / mage (or offspec priest)

      The only major competition at the moment is in the dps plate section. Not too bad and far better than team tincan 🙂

      For my part I’m happy to chainpull heroics to get speed gearing from badgers or ICC-5 for people (‘wolf for speed rather than anything else, or Ari for tanking facetime)

      Shout for enchants, I’ve a enchanter who’s at 445 and wants to cap out at 450, we just need to farm crystals where necessary. Pretty much every enchancement can be done by someone in the guild, mats is going to be the key.

      1. I assume you meant ‘dps plate’ there.

        Mardia would obviously be interested in any tank plate dropping from Marrowgar, though it matters little in terms of raid progression at the moment.

        1. That too, and yes, where the main spec isn’t wanting it then off spec gets to fight over it 🙂 So Mardia is busy building a tanking set, Tanque might want some pieces to keep his up to speed. Ari gets to pick over the dps leather after crit kitty has had his fill etc etc.

          Use > Shard > Vendor

  4. As for the tab targeting, most of the pain in that comes from not hitting the right one the first time. your targeting area consists of a circle all round you and a 30 degree cone where you are facing. What happened on Jaraxas was that Big Red Dude was in my circle, and Arm Bitch was in the cone. So I tabbed onto Jaraxus and taunted him off Wolf. Now apparently, you can use the following commands:

    /console SET targetNearestDistance “A”
    /console SET targetNearestDistanceRadius “B”

    Where “A” is the length of your cone (fnar) and “B” is the radius of your circls. I think I’ll experiment with setting the circle very small so that I only tab through what’s in front of me. So when I’m running through the pack trying to growl the mob running at the healer, I’ll hit it.

    There are disquieting noises that these settings may no longer work, so I’ll have to play in a sunny field of yellows somewhere, targeting stuff.

  5. well – I am now working on my shadow kit, and my major gaps are in having insufficient haste, and of course frosties. To that end, I need to run Trial of teh champion normal (normal!) for a trinket that drops there.

    The restof the loot that drops in there might make good sharding fodder – unless there is a certain tanking trinket that Ari might want?

    Loot table here http://www.mmo-champion.com/index.php?page=869 – the tooltip for Abyssal Rune is incorrect, it is http://www.wowhead.com/?item=47213.

    POS (H) would be good for me too – on the loot table there, I can see one trinket for me and one for ari. http://www.dual-boxing.com/showthread.php?t=27128

    I’m sure that Ari would be interested in the tanking weapon that drops from Ony10, and I’ll leave M to do more research – if you think instance farming might be helpful.

  6. Kaylad could do with an upgrade to her shield. The easiest one would be http://www.wowhead.com/?item=49821 from PoS normal – so that could be run a few times back-to-back and continually reset until it drops. The next one is from TotC10 – http://www.wowhead.com/?item=47812 – but we’d have to get past the pvp-alike bit and down Anub for that one. The next one is from TotC10 Heroic and then nothing until Sindragosa.

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