Is on the slow side generally at the moment as the guild is even more short handed than normal. So ‘wolf has been largely on the bench just in case a guild tank is needed. On the plus side Unferth has been stretching his legs, providing healing in another stack of instances on Saturday.

AN : More trouble than before, the dps race on the first boss pack was just too much for him to handle on his own, fortunately the boomkin was a wonderful person who flipped to tree for the first boss. We got mashed on Hadronox but that’s because she bugged and we had to pull with all the adds as well. No problems on the second (clean) pull though. On the plus side kitty form kit dropped.

UP : He healed UP without any problems. Took two passes at Skaldi, but he’s a sod anyway and it was the first time the tank had tried tanking that boss.

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  1. progress here is slow too – although the line is ADSL enabled, the connection details and fritz box have not arrived – and a stolen wifi (would I?) is no substitute…

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