We came, we saw, we had our faces shown the rather poor carpeting.

So, what do we have in here.

Phase 1:

  • Burn down the mana shield, this is a priority task, good sustained dps is needed here
  • Shadow bolt (deathwhisper)
  • Curse of torpor (needs dispelling as quickly as possible)
  • Green death and decay on the floor (deathwhisper)
  • Cult Fanatics – Must be turned, these cleave, only the tank should be in front of them
  • Cult Adherents – Caster
  • Reanimated fanatics – melee immune
  • Reanimated adherents – magic immune
  • Empowered adherent – Gains uninterruptable cast
  • Mutated Fanatics (these are the big ones), they must be kited and nuked down above all other adds.
  • Make sure there is at least one tank free to pick up the adds as they spawn

Priority order on adds:

  1. Mutated fanatics (big ones being kited)
  2. Empowered adherent
  3. Reanimateds
  4. Cult fanatics (easily killed)
  5. Cult adherents

Phase 2:

  • Try and transition while there are no adds up
  • Tanks kite her to the floor area (makes dealing with the kiting easier, removes LoS issues for the healers)
  • Run away from ghosts
  • Tanks need to agree how many stacks they’re swapping on to keep the debuff under control
  • Nuke nuke nuke

Random thoughts

  • Depending on the mix next time we may shuffle the healing around again to put the priest into the field as dps, this appears to work better than the moonkin.
  • Target switching and macros for the tanks so they can quickly mark up the current priority.
  • Focused fire on adds to burn them down as quickly as possible
  • Faster add nuking allows the tanks to get over to pick up the adds quicker
  • Tanks not to feel like they’re slacking if they’re spending time getting into position even while adds are up as long as they’re under control 🙂

3 thoughts on “Deathwhisper”

  1. Remove curse: Pallies no can do. Need Mage or Druid for this.

    Pally healer must remember she has “turn evil” when something tries to mash on her.

  2. I was wondering if a targetting macro might help.

    One of the reasons why I am trying to run so many heroics as DPS is not only because I find it les stressful, but also because I need to practice targetting. The newer heroics are better practice for this, to be honest. Fights that last less than 6-8 seconds (like in heroics) are only good for mindsear.

    Also, do you think it would be good if we had Ora?

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