Weekly raiding… It’s Marrowgar

So assuming Team Pirate is online in sufficient numbers he’s dead (again), with any luck we’ll pull together sufficient to be able to have a pop at Death Whisper.

To that end I’m pondering tweaking the raid setup for DW a little, assuming the normal group are around…


  • Paladin (T) [Confirmed]
  • Bear (A) [Confirmed]


  • Paladin (K) [Confirmed]
  • Tree (U) [Confirmed]

Melee DPS

  • Deathgnome (M) [Confirmed]
  • Deathgnome (M) [Confirmed]
  • Kitty (S) [Tentative]
  • Rogue (S)[Unknown]

Ranged DPS

  • Hunter (S) [Tentative]
  • Warlock (K) [Unknown]
  • SPriest (C) [Confirmed]

(yes I count 11 as well, so it depends on who’s around for the attempts and who’s signed off)

So, a bit of shuffling to increase the magical dps and bringing the Tree out of semi-retirement doing what he’s good at.

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