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So, following discussions on vent we need to ponder the best collective raid time.  Currently Sunday afternoon is seen as the least worst for a number of us but there are some where it’s not ideal.  So.. ideas, comments and the like please.  There is no need for a single raid slot either, we can have a number of possible slots and where necessary shuffle from week to week depending on what suits the various members of the group.

So, I’ll start, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday evenings are off the shopping list for myself (clashing with EO raid times), this doesn’t exclude them but does make ‘wolf making an appearance significantly less likely.

Let the discussion start!

6 thoughts on “Team Pirate – raid times”

  1. during term time, Mondays and Thursdays are no good for me as well as the above Fri/Sat/Weds combinations

    1. So, you can do Tuesdays and Sundays for most of the year, adding Mondays and Thursdays during holidays? I think we’ll have to discount holiday hours for anything regular (D can do pretty much every evening of the week until midnight or so during school holidays, but only until 9.30 in termtime).

  2. Tuesday evening is our usual evening out (film, gig, Skeptics in the Pub).
    Saturday is our usual social day (party, whatever)

  3. D can’t do school nights during term time, which limits the evening slots to Friday or Saturday – both not available to others. Rephrase… D could do evenings, but would have to stop at 9.30pm (10.30pm server time) on school nights.

    I, of course, am available for raiding and heroics pretty much every day and most times (migraines etc permitting) and don’t much mind when a regular raid slot is. I would like to point out that we can cut the raid time down (maybe 90 minutes or 2 hours in ICC) and extend the raid lockout if people feel it is necessary then roll into doing 5-mans or even some TBC raids where we may not need the full complement.

  4. C&P from LJ:

    Afternoons are out for us except as a very occasional thing.

    Even in terms of evenings, James is in about the most awkward possible stage for raid timing at the moment. He’s old enough that bedtime is ~20:30 UK time (and often not fully settled until 21:00), but not yet old enough to be left to his own devices. What that means is that one of us can raid from ~19:30 UK time (20:30 server time), and both of us from ~21:00 UK time (22:00 server time).

    Evenings before workdays are generally awkward for lots of people, meaning the ideal times would be Friday and Saturday evenings. That’s out for obvious reasons. There’s a reason EO raids when it does…

    If we did try for a weekday evening (or Sunday evening), it’s plausible if a bit silly that we could time-share a slot – one of us raids from the start, and then whichever one of us is on kid duty steps in when D steps out.

    Thursday during term time is choir rehearsal time for me. Tuesday evenings are currently pub quiz night, but that’s potentially easier to change.

  5. I could *unsign* for the EO wednesday raids – on the basis that those evenings are heavy over-subscribed and mostly farm content. But I did “promise” to be available for EO signups on their raid days, so it seems wrong to make a regular commitment to then. Ditto Friday or Saturday (although signups on those days, Saturday particularly, are low, and I think continual unsubscription would be noticed and unhelpful).

    And the Monday and Thursday nights? Well, school finishes at 10pm, so I am not back in the house until about 10.15 or so. That’s 9-9.15 UK time of course.

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