So… they died…

Marrowgar (2-shot), Lady Deathwhisper (1-shot) & the boat (2-shot)

Marrowgar, we need to remember we have to cluster in melee due to our general weakness in the ranged department, keep everyone including the healers nice and close to melee so they can wallop on spikes without having to go for a jog first.

Lady Deathwhisper, I admit to being impressed, I was expecting more wipes on her before we got it nailed but everyone worked perfectly and the adds all fell over in order, target switching worked well and the big adds chased me all over the room before falling over.

The boat, bit of practice as it was the first time most of the raid had seen it (need to get the PotC theme running over vent next time for the pull).  Things to remember:

  • The mage doesn’t need tanking
  • dps can go to town on it without any fear.
  • Saurfang needs picking up before the dps land and pulling to the edge closest to the home boat.  This puts the tank within range of the healers.
  • Once the mage drops the dps leg it.
  • Once the dps are clear the tank runs away.
  • Don’t leave pets or totems behind.
  • While the mage isn’t active melee help out with the adds on the home boat
  • Mage has priority over the adds
  • Cannons aim at the axe throwers
  • Loot! (once the boat has docked, we’ve had it bug before)

Team Pirate continues to rock ICC10.

2 thoughts on “So… they died…”

  1. I think that, short of being undergeared or too blasé, the boat will remain relatively easy. The first time, we didn’t know how to do it properly, but the second time felt really quite smooth.

    (Modulo leaving a corpse on the sinking opponent – oops.)

    1. Agreed, the boat is the fun fight, it’s the light relief just before the deathbringer as we’ve seen is “a challenge”.

      Oh and I want that bloody shield!

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