Sunday raiding – XT

Nice and simple, we wallop down FL (worth trying for the second tower up or another attempt on one tower to make sure we’re nice and clean on that?) and then into XT.  Suggestion for this week we see if we can hit the dps check for hard mode and see how things go.

One thought on “Sunday raiding – XT”

  1. wot, no ICC?

    As far as Ulduar goes, I’d quite like to see the keepers on normal mode before the HM – I think the dancing under mushrooms is a big deal execution wise. Ditto the hodir snowpiles. I have never done Mimi, yogg or vezax – being breezed through by EO on 25man does not count… To beat the encounter normally would be a boost because the HM is bound to be exceptionally hard to complete.

    If at all possible I would like to DPS.

    P and J suggested a sightseeing round the old raids event – on one evening a week. An alternative raid night – would Tuesday be OK as a suggestion – I realise we cannot get everyone to that night, but can we get enough?

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