On guilds, gearing and enlightened self-interest

I’m not sure how the large guilds work but this might be something which works better inside a small casual guild. There’s not many of us so to get nicely geared it makes sense to support each other. To be honest it’s not something I’ve really thought about much, just something which we’ve done.

In the past certain guild members have helped me out, money for the first mount was a biggie at the time, ok the money now is nothing, a handful or two of dailies but at level 40 it was more gold than I’d seen.

Recently as we’ve been working the 5-man instances to make all our lives easier we’ve pulled together resources which have been sitting in our respective banks to make kit for our (not-so) tame warrior. Similarly when the call went out last night for a couple of abyss crystals I had some floating around, so bang… job done.


It seems like the “right thing”{tm} and from the PoV of your friendly plate wearing meatshield having the DPS popped up a notch makes massive amounts of sense, it means I’m being beaten on for less time and ups our output meaning we can re-try the likes of OK again (yes I want to kill that instance).

Where am I going with this, dammed if I know other than a general thought of “what goes around, comes around” and a side order of “more DPS sat behind me rocks”

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  1. In the light of this, would you, or would another techie person be the correct one to approach?

    I think that Vent is something I’m interested in using and have no idea how to make it work – what program to install, what server to link to, how much it costs etc. I am an enlightened user, not a tech, but have the feeling it is the way forward: if we need to set up a server here in the Netherlands and link to it, then I’m happy to prod M to organise it. Our home server runs AIX 5 point something, I think. Perhaps we could set up the ubuntu box to run it – I have no idea.

    Or is it something you subscribe to?

    Reasons we need it:

    Voicechat is so much better than typing: PTT can be used when you are still button mashing on the heals to say “OORange, OOLOS” useful even in heroics

    Wowchat is now broken for our regular 5 man group – possibly it’s the latest patch

    Wowchat clearly does not seem to work well for all OS running WoW (BB pugging in with us was not good)

    Vent is a recognised voice system for raiders, and we are hoping to move towards raiding: other raiders may be more likely to be familiar with it.

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