3 thoughts on “Logs from ICC10”

  1. On Marrowgar, my damage on spikes was not all that good – I set up a targetting macro for bloodbeasts – which seemed to work – I should probably get a whole set of them up – and on Marrowgar it should be /tar bone.

    I don’t really know why my tab targetting seems so unreliable – sometimes it seems to work, other times not. And at times like this, having the tank as a focus doesn’t work either.

  2. tab-targetting only seems to work for a narrow-ish cone in front of you for the most part – or so I have found. I know that, on occasion, in the past, tab-target did actually target things off to the side/behind me, but that seems to have been completely stopped. What _does_ happen, however, is that tab-targetting will prefer the target that is directly in front of you, and not off to the side even a little bit. It’ll only target something that is, say, 10 degrees off centre line if there’s nothing closer to/on that line… especially if you’re already targetting that one. I’ve had to mash the tab button three or four times to get it to swap from one target to the only other one there is!

    I’m starting to use mouse-targetting and have name-plates up (shift-v, I think) when in combat. That way I just need to click on the name, not the mob.

    1. From the tanking perspective I tend to do a bit of both depending on the reason I’m selecting a mob. Ones which have broken and are already ‘at range’ I select off the plate or the mob itself, stuff which is local I tab through as I’m more interested in scanning omen for relative threat and for mobs which are munching on melee.

      From a ranged perspective macros are the win, I think I still have the macros in the system from kicking Yoggie.

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