Arthas, wipe-weekends, weekly raids and stuff

The decision was taken again by the officers that we would extend the lockout (last week’s attempt was aborted due to excessive server lag, we’re in the EU so Wednesday is the first day of the raiding week and tends to be busy).  This week however the gods of lag were kind and we managed an entire evening of having our faces kicked in by Lichy Boy (gee thanks, call yourselve a Paladin?).

P1 is pretty solid now, the first edge phase is sorted and defiles in P2 proper are settling down.  We managed to hit the second edge phase.  So hopefully the pain of an entire week of wipes will pay off by Sunday and we can get himself down and move onto the heroic mode kills.

Estimated repair bill for this week… 500g or so.

The dren hunter is coming along nicely, he’s hit 72 and is merrily skinning his way through the Tundra, I think a namechange might be in order on him though.