Tanking practice this weekend…

I was pondering, as I do from time to time, on the comments from the DK tanks and why I do what I do and where I learnt it. The answer is simple enough, Wolf levelled 70-80 as a pure tank, so pulling packs of 10+ and grinding them down while relying on kaylad to get the heals in on time (hence her level of practice in healing when we piled into the first 5-man instances) is just second nature.

So unferth will be available this weekend, when we’re not kicking some instance butt, to pop out to the likes of the trolls in the hills, the undead and others in Icecrown and to the healing while the tanks get some practice in pulling, holding, turning and generally toying with the mobs and getting used to being the center of attention where all the bad guys want to come and express their love for you with whatever sharp / blunt / spiked implement came to their hands / tentacles / claws.

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  1. thinking about why the DK tanks are comparatively fragile:

    A nasty combination of: lower HP, lower armour mitigation and lack of pally buffs.

    Honestly, it is a lot easier to heal korenwolf than it is to heal Nev: the same comparison is probably easily made with Kenau – but of course I’m not able to compare the two.

    When wolf and kayla run, there are two auras – the dev and the conc or ret – pally auras are fantastic things… In addition, there is the beaconing and the shield.

    with the Nev group and the Kenau group, there are usually no paladins.

    So – basically, we need to build up the kit for them to have any chance of having HP with decent armour. K has enough AC rep to get the tank enchant now, but needs a new buckle. I’m not sure what Nev needs. K also needs to pull her finger out in getting the stamina recipes for JC and PS needs to make sure she has all the stam enchants on offer (doesn’t Mal have that stam on bracers already?

    Shame the tincangang don’t have a sharding person really – that would make farming the instances more efficient. The only way that would change is if Kenau or Kaylad were swapped out for the sharding character…

    1. I think you’re forgetting how squishy Korenwolf was to start with at 80. His health was around 21K – remember how many times we wiped? Remember the necessity for two healers in a 5-man? How long it took us to get UK and then Nexus cleared to begin with? Things took us longer because of the lack of DPS but we got there in the end. Bets if we took Kenau out tanking with both Unferth and Kaylad healing, we’d breeze through – same if we took Nev as tank with PS and Unferth healing.

      And on the subject of alternate guild bank… I did suggest that you pick one of your alts to become a member of the Extraordinary Hamsters so that we can share the guild bank properly. I’ll clear out all of the low-level profession crap and re-label the tabs (we have 3 so far) for mats, gear & food etc that we can use between ourselves.

      1. the Extraordinary Hamsters thing seems to be working out quite well – what do you think?

        I’m working on the principle that all of the members bring their talents for collecting and making things: titansteel, herbs, minerals, potions. On guild runs where there’s a DE present, the shards could probably go in as well? I’m hoping to put more frostweave in there, so Mal can make stacks of the exotic cloth. And of course pygmyfish. Quite a lot of the fish that comes up is not really useful for buffing, so I reckon if the hunter pets don’t need it, and the cooking skill-up has been achieved, that’s its use, and could be dumped, but YMMV.

        I’ve put a token 10G in there to contribute towards running costs of vials and the like, or to the next tab – who knows.

        I’m considering having Kenau as a tank – it’s a playstyle I’m really not used to, but I’m finding it quite exciting. The dying is less exciting though – I can remember having two healers in 5 mans, but don’t know whether that was because, at that stage we simply did not have enough viable DPS characters at 80, or whether it was because wolf was gearing up.

        1. Aye and I’m making sure they know that if they have a slot then both ‘wolf and Unferth are available. They’ve now seen both in action so I’m guessing it’s possible. We’ll see what happens, I’m also trying to PUG OS10/OS25 on both alts, partly for the emblems but also for the experience (got told I was tanking Sarth in a really odd position 🙂

        2. Yes, pooling the resources really helps out, without guild drama.

          Tanking is fun, it’s also active focus rather than the “eyes on healbot” point focus of the healer. We probably ran with two healers longer than needed because we were playing it safe, the primary reason was because our DPS was terrible, unsurprising when we had (at least initially) three players in prot spec, so lots of mitigation, bugger all dps. Once Bannog and Tanque shifted and we pumped up the dps the healing load dropped off. As we saw in OK being marginal on the DPS makes wiping a lot easier.

  2. Guild bank

    we discussed this last night: I’d really like to see a place in the gbank where we can put buff food for raids/instances. Potions etc.

    It’s either that, or I’d like to have a supplementary gbank set up – by inviting myself to be part of the hamsterbank. Could it be a teamtincan bank, do you think? How rude to invite myself 🙂

    I don’t want to upset our guild leader, and he got a bit miffed about all the fish in the bank one time. But he is hardly ever online, and I don’t really know him to speak to.

    I’d quite like to feel free to put fish in the bank, see the stack pile up, make stuff out of it, and send to appropriate characters. Ditto chilled meat, frostweave etc.

    Perhaps a place to put dust and shards as well – so that whoever needs them can access them more easily? Mal needs them for the sewing etc.

    A new gbank tab for AB costs 5kG according to google and wowwiki. If the cost can be shared 5 ways, it makes it possible. But the feather rufflage is something I can’t deal with, because I don’t know the boss that well…

    1. The alternate approach here is to shuffle the storage off into a second guild bank (Ex.Hamsters or somewhere else) that removes the feather rufflage,what would be nice would be for blizz to implement “multi-guild” membership. We have our social guild but there’s also a desire to hook into a progression / raiding guild.

      1. progression guildage:

        As you know, I’ve been invited out with Ted a few times (apparently things are quiet at the moment because he is moving house) and I’m hoping that will builid into something.

        At the moment, it’s a case of hoping PS doesn’t let the side down – so that she gets invited again. I’m trying to pug in as many hamstery types as possible.

        I think this 10-man group is supposed to be a feeder for Even Odds, but am not counting on it – they seem to be a good raid alliance, so you don’t have to lose your identity

        It’s a bit of a leap though – especially for PS: missing out naxx…

        1. Aye and I’m making sure they know that if they have a slot then both ‘wolf and Unferth are available. They’ve now seen both in action so I’m guessing it’s possible. We’ll see what happens, I’m also trying to PUG OS10/OS25 on both alts, partly for the emblems but also for the experience (got told I was tanking Sarth in a really odd position 🙂

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