Ahh, the smell of freshly minted drama, nothing like it.

So thanks to a collision of events (personal and the world cup) we were short on numbers and there was no way which we could attempt anything other than Sindy (she and LK being the only bosses left on the lockout).  The team was suboptimal, a single tank healer and a number of new bugs and it was what I’ve come to term as a “grumpy raid”.  Some of the leads were snappier than normal in vent, more crap from various raid members than normal, the usual suspects slacking off and not flasking.

All avoidable fun and games.

So after a couple of nabbed up wipes a certain dps drops without warning, notice or comment.  Just “poof!” and gone.  Colour me completely unsurprised when the forum post turns up a few days later announcing that they’re leaving.

So analysis, it’s been coming for a long time, this member is consistently the last to flask and has probably added 5-10 minutes of downtime to raids thanks to not flasking / eating / buffing because he’s off slacking or doing something else.  Will he be missed, certainly in the short term, dps numbers continue to be a problem, though less so now that there is no obvious “farm night”.  He was one of the higher signups, so did bring that utility to the raid.  In the long term it’s unlikely it’ll change anything, drama comes and drama goes, we’ve plenty of angst coming wih the raid lockout changes in Cata and what they’ll mean for 25-man raiding, whether it remains possible to build the numbers to do it or whether it becomes a vehicle for building multiple 10-man raids.

3 thoughts on “Dramaz!”

  1. There is happy news on the 10/25 lockout. Not a complete solution though. Quote below:

    # Players will be able to “downshift” their 25-player raid, splitting it up into 10-player versions.

    * Raids will be able to split into up to 3 10-player raids.
    * These raids will start at the same progress point the 25-player was at for the lockout.
    * There are no plans to allow 10-player raids to combine into a 25-player raid.

    # There will be more freedom for moving from raid ID to raid ID. Players will be able to join other raids, even when saved to a raid ID, as long as that raid has killed at least the same bosses in the instance you have during their lockout.

    * While this sounds like the potential for cross-realm raiding, that isn’t possible yet. It isn’t ruled out for the future though.

    # There will be more “Algalon” style encounters for both 10 and 25-player heroic modes which will offer loot a half-tier better than the rest of the instance.
    # 25-player raids will provide around 50% more loot per-player. That includes items and the new currency used to purchase items.
    # The goal of the philosophy shift for 10 and 25 providing the same loot (source) is to make it a playstyle choice where you choose the format that fits you, not the one you feel obligated to do.
    # 10-player raids in Wrath of the Lich King were deliberately easier because that was the goal of it at the time. That is not the case for Cataclysm.

    This is taken from http://www.worldofraids.com/topic/17008-cataclysm-press-event-raids-guild-system-path-of-the-titans-more/?s=c4d2e79fcbb4a3ededbf9afda12c8dd1

    I think this will still mean that 25man keys are locked to EO, and it will also mean that 10mans are locked to EO as well – for admin purposes. Who knows. It might even sort out the problems that happen when there are two few signing up for progression nights – we can kill things on 10, perhaps…

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