Veg:The cut and come again has gone “mental”, I think we could feed a warren of bunnies this year if we decided to.  The tomatoes are growing well, I’ve moved one set from one side of the lawn to the other for better sunlight.

The ongoing war with the local moggies is escalating, I’m dousing the herb bed with pepper dust now to see if that stops the little bastards from digging everything up and killing off my plants.  I shall no doubt rant at length about pet owners who disown all responsibility of their pets behaviour and actions because “it’s their nature”.

The plants in the plastic greenhouse are doing very well, I need more greenhouse space I think, something for the medium term planning.


Clearing continues, I need to whack it with another (stronger) dose of the weedkiller.

4 thoughts on “Gardening”

  1. you don’t happen to have catmint in your garden do you?

    As for cats using your garden as a litter tray – I *know* that they find long grass appealing – like the bits that are difficult to get to with a mower. The other side of training cats to use litter trays is that anypatch of soil that is dry and dusty can be the logical place for a cat to go…

    regularly aiming water pistols at cats going in the place you *really* don’t want them to go might train them to use the places you don’t mind so much about… Loud noises help too.

    One thing I really hate is those cat scarers – they wail and squeal and are a pain for people trying to use their gardens – and I really don’t think they work…

    I am clearly moggy-biased. I think they can be trained to use a place in the garden I don’t care so much about, rather than my herb garden.

    1. There are some patches of openish soil which they’re using at the moment, ongoing planting will help to a certain extent. I was mightly pissed off about the one which dug out one of my pots to have a cr*p in. I will continue training them to bugger off out of my garden, my general position is “my pet, my responsibility to train and clean up after, I expect the same from all other pet owners”.

      Next step is to deploy the quince cuttings again, while a pain they are effective, for some reason cats don’t like digging / squatting when there’s 6″ of spikey stuff coming up out of the ground.

      1. the don’t like it up em. Indeed.

        There is a reason why manglement is known as cat herding – generally cats resist the same amount of training as dogs, for example.

        They will tend to learn things that are to their advantage though clearly getting shouted at and pelted with water is not advantageous, and neither are thorns up the bum. Both of which are reasonable, in defence of young plants

        I have to admit that I would never hold my cats blameless if a neighbour accused them of doing their business in the neighbour’s herb garden – because they are allowed out… The thing is, cats don’t seem to have an internal moral compass – and will tend to follow what seems most logical and/or easy to them.

        And keeping the cats in does not really help, because you can’t be sure if it’s your cats that are doing it, or the other neighbours’ or even strays or toms on a long circuit of their district…

        I think I’d agree with you that if I cannot stop my cats from messing your herb garden, then you can put spiky stuff over it, and shout at them and (so long as you are doing it for educational purposes) turn the sprinkler on them, or the water pistol. Barbed wire is going *too far*.

        Sorry – I can’t quite meet your general position though. Sadly.

        1. You can’t quite meet his general position? That being that it is the pet owner’s responsibility to train and clean up after their pet? That taking reasonable steps to protect my garden/seedlings/etc from being destroyed by someone else’s irresponsibility regarding their pets is acceptable? Not to mention protecting our birds (this includes ducks when we get more of them this year) from other people’s animals? I’ve had to chase local moggies out of my _house_, not just out of my garden. I don’t get why cat owners get away with “it’s just their nature” when their cats damage and destroy other people’s property (not to mention putting children at risk by not being required to clean up after their pets) when dog owners are not allowed to use that excuse. I understand why dog owners have to obey certain laws, but I really don’t get why cat owners are exempt from obeying them. Now, if you live in the middle of nowhere and you have cats and let them roam free, they’re unlikely to be upsetting neighbours, but in a residential or urban area, then other considerations apply.

          I don’t hate cats. I just hate cats coming into my garden and my house without my permission, causing damage and potentially putting my families health at risk. If a neighbour’s dog was coming into my garden and regularly shitting in my veg patch, I’d be able to call the council or police and have the owner warned or charged – why can’t I do that when it’s a cat?

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