Ups, downs, achievements

On the upside Unferth continues his growth, one more emblem of valour and he’s getting a new cloak which is green across the board as upgrades go. With any luck he’ll be able to pick up a Naxx25 man where they need a spare healer for a partly complete run before the reset. Failing that it’s back into VoA25 & OS25 for him. Oh and thanks to the new Mr Puggable in VoA he has some Emblems of Conquest. I’ll start trying to get Kaylad through some of the 10 & 25 man puggables to get the emblem stockpile built up.

‘Wolf had a variable time of it. The particular low point was a OS25 pug, where he simply couldn’t get the adds on Sarth rounded up, more practice is required.