Spent a bit of lunchtime looking through the armoury, imba and wow_heroes. It seems (once you filter for the number of real people behind toons) that we can probably fill seven of the 10 slots in OS10 with toons flagged as capable. Covering almost all the main slots (Normal make up is 2-3 healers, 2 tanks, 5-6 dps).

So I reckon we try and pull together a guild run of Sarth sometime after raid reset on Wednesday morning.

Initial line up (assuming people are interested) in my mind is

  • Bannog (dps)
  • Kaylad (heal)
  • Korenwolf (MT)
  • Mardia (dps)
  • Peterselie (heal)
  • Sangamon (dps)
  • Tanque (OT)

Leaving dps slots and maybe a healer, and I reckon we could pug in some of the people we’ve run with before for those slots.

[Edit: 1x Tank healer + 1-2x Raid healers, so possibly we’re looking at Kayla/Peterselie + Unferth + PUGged (shammie)]

7 thoughts on “OS10”

  1. I’d give it a go 🙂 Wednesday night you think…

    still havn’t worked out the lava waves, even if you do say it is easy.

    think we could pug in schizzle? plus a BB toon?

  2. talking it through, I think that wednesday might not be an optimal day for a regular outing – because PS has received most of her team scotland invitations on that day.

    I know Gideon has a regular commitment on a Friday, so that’s not a good night, but Saturdays might not be too bad to start with – leaving us with Sunday and Monday for taking it further, if we didn’t get far?

    With the proviso that on a work night we stop at midnight server time, or close to?

    1. Suits me. D can cope with one or two late nights a week, but not several in a row (at least not for very long) without school work suffering.

  3. I have spoken to BB – not sure if she is interested, but have tweeted this post, so she can see. And possibly Peter as well…

    My tweets are invitation only, so there shouldn’t be too many who link through 🙂

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