Dear RL….

Here’s a hint, pulling the whole “link achievement” thing is lame. Also kicking members without checking whether they were in the right gear is also lame. Lying about it is not only lame but it means I assume I cannot trust you with loot.

Have fun in VoA, here’s hoping Emalon owns your arse.

2 thoughts on “Dear RL….”

  1. Still thinking optimistically about having a tincangang raid grouplet….

    The whole pugging thing is so stressful, I don’t know how you manage it (or at least how you manage it and call it enjoyment- I never did like office politics, but it was a price worth paying for the monthly salary – this is a game and I prefer not to have all that drama).

    But I admit I’d actually like to be in the position of having cleared Naxx on my two top toons… perish the thought I’d be *bored* of it.

    I admit, I am a bit bored of Nexus and UK now, though. Even a little bored of UP. Can we have more AN and OK and Gundrak, with some learning on Oculus, do you think?

    On tanking: I reckon I need to DPS my way to a lot more badges – the threat generation is not high enough to compete with DPS that comes in at near the 2000 mark, and the health pool is just not big enough yet. I’ve put in some gems for +hit, and hopefully, after a while, I’ll be able to carry enough hit and def to stack STA

    1. In this instance I only knew what was happening because Tanque was involved. The kicking happened while I relogged to give an addon a whacking. Once it was apparent what had happened and the RL was being evasive then turning stroppy I dropped. Most PUGs I’ve been in are decent.

      Partly I can deal with them because I am (according to herself) one of the “two most placid” people she knows (I’m still trying to work that one out personally) and my expectations of people’s behaviour have been tempered by years of customer support (I assume people are morons and work up from there).

      I do tend to focus on the instance as a practical thing when running through PUGs, I see them largely as a means to an end, that being potential loot drops to gear up and Emblems (to…err.. gear up) all with the aim of being more effective for the important runs with the guild 🙂

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