4 thoughts on “Yet more stats”

  1. *blink* just looked at Mal’s DPS on the AN gatewatcher fight… pity she cant keep those numbers going through the whole instance :/

    1. The gatewatcher boss fight is counted as the entire fight, so that’s three sets of mini-boss+adds and then the boss and the swarmers. “AoE friendly” 🙂

  2. moderately pleased at the DPS increase on Kenau – it is a lot higher in the VH one though. Perhaps that’s more a succession of tank and spank than mobility based fights though. If I can get the whole succession of diseases up and then the right runes up and then wallop,wallop, wallop, disease, nasty flies, wallop… that works well….

    Unless it’s a JOK difference. Can’t remember what I was buffed with in AN. The food and pink stuff was the same in both places.

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