Poor old ‘wolf, it looks like he’s being benched as far as progression goes. That upstart with the silly ears, glowing eyes and head up where the air is thin has bounced into the frame from nowhere, made loads of friends by stopping them dying, no one ever thanks the meatshield for keeping the mobs at bay… oh no, and been given a chance at driving back the forces controlled by Yoggie.

So, what now for wolfie? Keeping the likes of Yimron under control, beating up the prison inmates in the Violet Hold and generally running around doing the chores to keep the gold flowing so the upstart nelf is kept in the manner to which he has rapidly become acustomed to.

2 thoughts on “Benched”

  1. Downside… can be a bit slow at times, however, minimal downtime and chainpulling mobs is no problem 🙂

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