Adventures in fur

Enough guildies on for a change (the summer interfers with WoW something terribble) to get a few non-pug heroics rolling.  One of which was with my new bear spec, I’m settling into the role better now, starting to work out the best ways to pull.  How to quickly grab aggro on packs and which cooldowns to blow and when.  Oh feral charge, how I love thee, can I have it on my tankadin?

Anyway, I think I only lost aggro a few times on packs where suicide storm was in use (no surprise there, I can’t front load the AoE threat in the same way as the paladin can), single target there was no problem at all.  I suspect I have more work to do on neatening up the rotation / knowing priority orders for the abilities for max threat.

I still prefer my paladin for tanking, he’s where I’m most comfortable and experienced, but knowing how bears build aggro, how long it takes to properly collect mobs is all good information for future reference (in all three major roles).

The tree spec is still my primary pugging spec simply because he’s massively overgeared and can deal with morons more effectively, though I will ‘forget’ to heal a DPS who keeps pulling aggro.  You keep pulling it, you want to be a tank, better hope your dps is enough to nuke it before the distance gap is closed.

3 thoughts on “Adventures in fur”

  1. Would you be interested in me healing you using my awesome disc-priest skillz?

    I am mis-enchanted and gemmed for disc, but reckon I should be able to learn how to use it. Last night on Saurfang was a steep learning curve…

    1. Raid healing, not sure but I suspect for Saurfang it’s “bubble everything in sight until you can bubble no more” and then lob out the bouncy heal & pennance.

      It’ll be worth tuning grid to show the anti-bubble debuff to safe those wasted clicks trying to get it back on someone who’s been bubbled and lost it.

      1. Oh and you’re overgeared I’m sure disco healing would work as well if you need the practice 🙂

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